Unicorns By D.I. Jolly

“Once upon a time, here on earth, there lived a beautiful and magical race of creatures. Horse-like in appearance, but stronger and with a single horn coming from their foreheads, the Unicorns were the manifestation of compassion and love.”

“But mommy, if Unicorns were on earth why aren’t they here now?”

The little girl’s face showed a moment of genuine sadness, suddenly desperate for Unicorns to be real.

“Well, many, many years ago the evil King Rufus was envious of the Unicorn’s power and beauty and wanted to take it for himself. He was a wicked man who had never known love or compassion and hated them for this. So, in a dark moment, he allied himself with the Black Dragons. Where Unicorns were light, they were darkness, hatred and fury, and King Rufus went to war. Which made the Unicorns very sad, they didn’t want to war with anyone or anything, but they also knew that they couldn’t simply let love be driven out of the world. Where Dragons were strong, Unicorns were wise, and they came together in secret and combined their magic, sending a ray of pure love into the heart of King Rufus. That moment of love was all it took to change him forever, and he suddenly realised what damage he was doing and how the world needed Unicorns and love to exist. But many Unicorns had been lost in the war and those that were left were very weak after sending their love to the king. So, the last of them came together again, and turned themselves into sunlight then sent their beautiful rays of love into the hearts of all the children around the world.”


“So you see sweetheart, Unicorns do still exist, they live as a little ray of sunlight in your heart, and as long as you stay kind and compassionate and good, they will continue to live on forever.”

The little girl looked down at her heart and smiled, then hugged her mom goodnight and rolled over to sleep, happy knowing that the unicorn in her heart would be watching over her.

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  1. This one surprised with the lack of the shivery and horrifying ending hahah! It was sweet and a perfect way to close this week and say by-bye to the Sunday night. Also, nice mug, talk about life goals!

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