Hygge by D I Jolly

Jacob sat in his room watching the weather clear up through his window and began to wonder about what a perfect moment for his day might look like. Walking down the street with a smile on his face and sunlight shining down on a beautiful girl who smiles back at him, and as their eyes meet, she giggles and he stumbles and she stops and they live happily ever after.

Or while waiting to cross a street he notices a distracted driver coming towards a red light, and a small child walking out into the road. His mind clears and his body springs into action and before anyone knows what’s happened, he’s pulled the child back from the brink of tragedy. The car slams on it’s breaks, the mother bursts into grateful tears, and everyone thanks Jacob the hero!

Then again, perhaps his perfect moment would simply be finding the perfect little table on the perfect little corner to enjoy a coffee and a surprisingly good muffin as people and clouds wander by, taking time with them on their way to and from their lives. Not really noticing him, not really being noticed by him, but enjoying the simple knowledge that for a moment they shared a ray of sunshine, a breath of air and then went back to being total strangers.

Jacob sat in his room watching the afternoon sunlight stream through the window and began to wonder if perfect moments happened naturally, or if they were made, or could be made. Did he have to wait for them to come to him or did he have to make them himself?

He thought about the meaning of a moment, the fleeting time that is forever and never as it always is exactly where you are and what you are doing. The moment is now, and always.

Slowly and with some effort Jacob emerged from his bed, and began the long walk to the door, and down the hallway to the stairs. The infamous stairs. His challenge, his nemesis. But the time was now, and it would always be now.

Voices came to him, kind and gentle but questioning.

“What are you doing out of bed? Are you feeling okay?”

Jacob explained himself, his thoughts on time, and his quest for a perfect moment, just one perfect moment.

With help he began climbing the stairs until he found himself on the roof.

One of the nurses had made some coffee, and bought some cake. A janitor brought a small round table and some chairs. And Jacob sat with his new found people, the ones helped him conquer his nemesis, and together they enjoyed the warm sun, the cool breeze and the clouds that drifted by. Below them they could see the street leading to the hospital and all the cars driving by, and Jacob thought about all those different people just going about their lives, and all the moments they had and all the ones they missed.

And then he closed his eyes and thought about nothing, and simply enjoying his truly perfect moment.

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