They say war never changes, but they also said the Seven Deadly Sins only lived inside man. Turns out neither were true. No, like the fabled riders of the apocalypse, but instead of three, seven horsemen came crawling out from the depths of hell, and let me tell you, war changed.

It’s frustrating to admit, but just as the prophecy said, they united us all, united against them. What it didn’t tell us though, is that it wouldn’t really matter. We fought, and we died, and we fought harder, and we lost more, and we pushed, and planned and stood our ground, and we died. And most frustrating of all, when I look back, and think of all the things we could have done differently, all the things we should have done differently, the obvious mistakes, the clear deceptions, I don’t think it would have made a difference. Because we never saw the true danger.

Lust, as a person, is a bitch. But you can fight against them, they push on your emotions, make you want for things you shouldn’t need, and you end up fighting yourself and your friends. But it can be done. Pride, the so called deadliest of the sins, well, okay, Pride is a living nightmare who took the best of us from us.

But you could fight them, it was almost impossible, but you could fight back. No, the one they don’t talk about, the one you don’t see coming, is Sloth. The rolling tide of slime. So slow that it looks like it’s not even moving, so slow that you forget that it’s there, until it’s too late.

The creeping wave that is suddenly upon you dragging you down, sapping your energy as it slowly fills your mouth, your ears, your nose. And even if you wanted to fight, you just can’t bring yourself to move, to try, to stand up and walk away. That’s all you had to do, get up, but they didn’t. No one did. When Sloth got you, … fuck… fields of dead bodies who just lay down to slowly drown in slime over weeks and weeks of indifference, not even caring enough to scream.

You could fight the others, or at least pretend to fight the others, pretend you stood a chance… Try, at the very least you could try. But looking out at the sea of slime where thousands of eager soldiers were just letting themselves drown. Well, you didn’t need to be in it to start losing hope.

There are not many of us left, and who knows how much longer we will last. But we do what we can for each other. We carry the weak and the feeble, no one left behind, we feed the hungry, we never, stop, moving.

And we try to hold on to memories that bring us joy, and let go of the pain, and the anger, and in this way, we try and fight against the Sins, but not out on grand battle fields, but inside our own hearts.


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