Mostly Human 2 – The long-awaited sequel.

I, Alex Harris, have run away from home.

I’m running from my problems, from my mistakes, and from myself.

I killed some people and I don’t think anyone is chasing me, but I can’t stop running, and as much as I miss the people I love. I feel like if I go home now, I’ll be going back empty-handed.

I have to find out more about this curse, where it comes from and what it really means to be a werewolf.

Because the truth is…

The truth is that when I stop and really look at myself.

I’ve been running my whole life.

Maybe it’s time to stop.

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Well, I spent two weeks on that ship before it docked again in Bergen on the west coast of Norway – turns out that’s where Syn gets most of its milk. It was the longest I’d spent as Mork in one go and I’d started to forget what it was like being human. But I still had brief flashes, and I remembered Danny telling me about a wolf sanctuary in Norway he’d read about and had always wanted to visit. Set up by two women in the Børgefjell, a small mountain range in the middle of the country, and far away from any kind of civilisation. The idea was that people volunteered there for a few months, mostly students doing environmental or veterinary studies or something like that. They’d work for a pittance, certainly by Norwegian standards. There was a small bar-cum-coffee shop; accommodation was somewhere between a bed-and-breakfast and a backpackers; then there was the sanctuary and the mountain – and that was it, for kilometres. I didn’t actually know where it was, but I didn’t care – once I was in Norway, that was where I was heading. I didn’t know if anyone was chasing me, but I was running. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do, but I knew I needed to do something … to somehow get a handle on my situation. I’d been brushing it aside for too long and a wolf sanctuary seemed as good a place as any to learn about being a wolf.

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