Love’s Dream By D.I. Jolly

I watched the person I love most in the world grip hands with a dream and drop out of reality towards the pavement.

I think it broke me. Sure, I tried to remain strong on the outside, but deep down, I was broken.

Night after night I search for the meaning of this action, for some hint that could help me understand why it had happened, and why I’d had to witness it.

I began to drift into a lake of melancholy, its flat crystalline surface reflecting the vastness of the night sky above it. Darkness and stars surrounded me and I found comfort in being lost.

It became clear that what I was searching for could not be found, and so my morbid curiosity could never be slated.

My days were spent running algorithms and solving complex coded messages, and at night I would fill the void inside of myself with liquor and with smoke.

I knew that this path would eventually come to an abrupt end, but it didn’t appear to bother me.

I was never able to rid myself of the image of a lake full of stars, myself in a small boat in the middle. The oppressively free nature of truth holding me in place as I looked up and down seeing the same images everywhere I turned.

On June 19th I decided to take my own life, and to my shock, I discovered that I had neither the will nor the power to accomplish the task.

In open rebellion against myself I would go days without bathing, or changing my clothes.

If I could not remove myself from the physical world, I would remove myself from the social, so called, civilised one.

I was taken in by the people left behind, those who are so often stepped over or avoided by the type of person I used to be.

I distracted myself with their stories of life and drew lines in my mind connecting their history with my own.

I partook in their misfortunes, and was accepted.

To this day when I close my eyes, I still see the lake full of stars and the image of love’s dream lying on the pavement.

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2 Replies to “Love’s Dream”

  1. Loved it! Extremely relatable. It’s really nice to see when someone hits rock bottom, they’re always seems to be a way out that one least expected. Bravo!! 👏👏

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