Addiction By D.I. Jolly


It’s like an idea you had just before bed.

When you wake up you think you’ve forgotten it,

But you can feel it

Sitting there at the back of your mind.

A half-remembered dream that’s slowly coming into clarity,

Creeping up on you.

Dawning on you like inspiration,

An all-consuming thought that becomes more genius as it sits there,


Taking over your mind.

Eventually crossing over into missed opportunity,

Something that should be more important than you’re giving it credit for.

Why haven’t you used this idea,

Why aren’t you pursuing this idea,

Why are you letting such a prime piece of intellect go to waste?

Do it,

Do it,

Do it now!

This is the best you will ever do.

This is the best you deserve,

Addiction is like an idea.

If it’s strong enough, it’ll take over your life and kill you.