A straight white man’s guide to Transgendered people. By D.I. Jolly

Prompted by this tweet from acclaimed author Philip Pullman:

I’ve decided to help my fellow straight white men out, with this handy guide to the Trans community.

Step 1.

When you first encounter a member of the trans community ask yourself this question.

Are they a person?

Now what you might not know is that the entire trans community has actually been tested and the results have come back to say that 100% of them is, in fact, a person. So really when you ask yourself this question you already know because it’s been proven, the answer is yes, nice and easy, the works been done for you.

Step 2.

Once you’ve remembered that yes, they are a person, ask yourself this next question.

Am I a person?

Depending on your answer to this, there are a few options.

If yes, you are in fact also a person, then treat the other person as you’d like other people to treat you. Couldn’t be simpler.

If no, you’re not a person then either deploy your usual standards for dealing with people or seek medical attention. Since the Trans person you’re encountering is a person they might be able to help you with that, just remember to be kind and respectful when asking for help, people or persons have feelings.

In conclusion.

As long as you remember that we’re all people, and therefore deserve to all be treated with kindness and respect, judged for our actions and not the colour of our hair, skin, teeth or what’s under neither our clothes, then you’re good.

And that’s it, that’s my handy straight white men guide to trans people. You treat them like people because they are.

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