Uncertainty 2 By D.I. Jolly

June 16th 1984: At 07:23 AM Fredrick William Jones, age 37, gets out of bed and walks through his house in his boxers, collecting nothing along the way.

08:26 PM that same day: A neighbour reports having seen him pause for a moment at his front gate and stand with his eyes closed face towards the sun. Describing the scene as tranquil. He then saw Fredrick William Jones walk down the street and out of sight.

June 23rd 1984: 7926 similar cases of missing persons have been reported to local authorities and a state of emergency has been established. Civilians have been told to lock their doors at night while a combination police and army task force patrolled the streets, questioning and restraining anyone found outside after curfew.

July 1st 1984: A further 47 civilians have been reported missing, along with 203 service men and women. Although authorities believe the actual number to be higher, as the population has dwindled to the point where there aren’t enough people to report all instances.

July 3rd 1984: At 12:02 PM, Jennifer ‘Benny’ Benderson, age 24, is found walking across a school sports field, 9 days after being reported missing. When asked she replies that she has no memory of the time she was missing and felt while being questioned, as though she was just then waking from a dream.

December 31st 1984: An approximate 7 million people are considered missing, but the number cannot be verified as it was discovered that entire towns have vanished. Authorities have been engaged in a nation-wide sweep, searching for any evidence of the missing persons and what caused them to disappear.

May 19th 1985: After months of searching, the investigation is called off and deemed a waste of time, effort and funding. Some newspapers report it as an attempt to return to normal. Others, as giving up. To date, Jennifer ‘Benny’ Benderson is the only person recovered.

August 7th 1993: Franklin Lamar rediscovers the story and launches an independent investigation into what happened and where the people went.

October 18th 1993: Franklin Lamar receives funding from a film company to create a documentary about the events and to further his investigation. He reaches out to Jennifer ‘Benny’ Benderson for comment.

June 16th 1994: Exactly ten years after the first disappearance. Franklin Lamar discovers that Jennifer ‘Benny’ Benderson has been missing for over seven years. The instance deliberately not reported to prevent a second panic. He writes to the film company and tells them he is giving up his research.

June 16th 1984: Fredrick William Jones wakes up. He is not alone.

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