The Door By D.I. Jolly

Jasper stared at The Door pondering his usual question.

“What is behind you?”

He’d spent the better part of his life staring at The Door wondering that same question. He had discovered it in his mid-teens and spent the rest of his life trying to work out how it opened. He wasn’t alone in her pursuit, anyone and everyone who heard about the mysterious door that stood alone in a field wanted to open it. The door itself sat alone in an open space, a closed portal to… something. Governments paid their brightest minds far too much to find the answers and promised them even more on top once they got the job done. But Jasper didn’t care about them, or the large companies offering him fortunes to find the way in for them. For him, it was a personal question, a personal quest. He wasn’t in it for the fame or money, for him it was a burning desperate desire to know. What was behind the door?

It was 2 in the morning when Jasper suddenly woke up and knew, he jumped out of bed and pulled on yesterday’s clothes and ran to The Door. He stared at it for a long few minutes and smiled. Eventually, his smiled brought on a tear and he whispered.

“I know, and thank you.”

He packed up his things and left ground zero never to return. The world was there to be discovered and he was going to discover it, and it was only on the day he finally died that he even thought to ask if anyone had found a way to open The Door, but was gone before he could hear the answer. It didn’t really matter to him as he was surrounded by the people he loved and who loved him and because he still knew.

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