Sleepwalking By D.I. Jolly

Have you ever opened your eyes and wondered how you ended up where you were? When you think about it you remember the steps, but when you really think about it, you can’t remember the journey. Real-life memories feeling like waking from a dream only to discover you aren’t in bed, but instead on a train, in an office, sitting in traffic or propping up a bar. The vision of your future now a distant last dream sitting on the pile with all the others, right next to happily married, a good parent and a fulfilling job.

Wondering where it all began.

Was it the first time you couldn’t get the girl you were after, the grade you thought you deserved? The first job you took because RENT, or was it something else. Was it the day you accomplished something important only to realise that the sun came up just the same as always? Revealing that the world hadn’t changed and no one cared about what you’d done.

Is it really the unaccomplished dreams that kills your soul? Or the dreams that came true, only to shine a light on the fact that you’re not special? That no one noticed that you’d just had the biggest day of your life?

The moment you realise that your dreams are more satisfying as dreams and you close your inner eyes and lock your feelings away so that no one can accidentally hurt them ever again, because when you face them to reality you realise, no one is looking anyway. So why bother?

Keep your dreams for yourself where they’re safe, where people can’t hurt them anymore.

Because dreams are pure, dreams are innocent and maybe, just maybe it’s our job to protect them from the harsh reality of the world. Dreams don’t need to be real, that’s what makes them beautiful, that’s what makes them dreams. Reality is hard, it’s harsh and it’s ugly. No, close your eyes to it, and sleepwalk through life, because when dreams stay dreams, you will always have a happy place to escape to when you overdose on too much right now, on too much reality.

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