Sending Nudes By D.I. Jolly

Michelle’s phone beeped and then rang.

“Hey Dan.”

“HI! Hi! How are you?”

“Good thanks, at work what’s up?”

“Did… Did you check your phone? I mean, did you check your messages?”

“No? what’s up is everything ok?”

She could hear a deep sigh of relief come through the speaker and Dan’s voice slowed to a normal level.

“Oh thank god. Look I… I accidentally send you something I was meaning to send to someone else. And… I mean… Jesus.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I accidentally send you a bunch of nudes of myself. I was talking to… never mind, but I clicked on the wrong contact and send them to you instead.”

Michelle quickly put her hand over her mouth, not to mask horror but to try to stifle her laugh, which she quickly gave up and simply laughed at him through the phone.

“Who were you sending nudes to and why?”

“I have a friend and we… never mind. The point is I’m really sorry I didn’t mean to send them to you. I wouldn’t … I don’t understand how people have the courage to send unsolicited pictures like that.”

Dan let out another long-exasperated breath.

“Look, can I come by your office and just delete the pictures that way you don’t have to see them? Please?”

Michelle let the chuckle fade and took on a comforting but serious tone.

“It’s ok, I understand it wasn’t on purpose I know you’re not that guy, I don’t mind deleting them.”

“No, please, like some of them are … well, kind of explicit and I’d really rather you don’t see that side of things. I actually think of the whole ‘sending images thing’ as a sex act like any other, it’s between the people engaged in it, it requires consent and I don’t think it’s ok, at all, to share the kind of picture or send them randomly. I’d just feel much more comfortable if I can do it. Please? Just don’t look at your phone for like half an hour?”

His voice which had started fast and frantic had turned to defeated and pleading, a tone she’d never heard from her friend before and it shook her.

“Ok, ok, yeah sure I don’t minds.”

“Thank you, and sorry, again, really I just, was distracted and didn’t realise which contact I was on. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s really ok.”

“It’s really not, like the last thing I want is for you to think I was boldly and dumbly trying something, or that I think this is normal or ok behaviour. I’m legit shaking with horror at the situation, I almost threw up when I realised what I’d done. But thank you for being so cool and understanding. I’m actually already on my way so, I’ll see you soon.”

“Oh, okay. Okay, see you just now.”

With that, Dan hung up and stopped for a moment to catch his breath and finally threw up into a garbage bin before continuing towards his friend’s office.

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