Scheisse 2 by D.I. Jolly

As Franklin’s back hit and broke through the bars glass window he couldn’t help but feel that it had seemed like that sort of day, all day. From the moment he woke up he felt like he knew it was going to be a bad day. But he had a system for when he felt like that. First, he’d start by doing the chores he’d put off, then give money to charity, and the homeless, pay back old debts. Anything he could think of doing to gain some good karma points, in the hope that it would turn the tide, and normally it seemed worked, but not today. Today everything he tried backfired, but instead of just going back to bed, he kept on trucking. It started with the bottom falling out of his bin bags halfway down the stairs, moved onto the ATM eating his bank card as he tried to draw the money he owed a friend, and in a truly inspired moment, he walked into a bar and bumped into an ex-girlfriend with whom things had not ended well. Taking it as the days last chance at redemption, he tried to buy her a drink and apologise. Unfortunately, she and her new boyfriend had taken that as him trying to get her back. But it wasn’t until he explained that that wasn’t what he was doing,  breaking her heart all over again, that the other man decided Franklin needed to go through the window. As he lay on the floor outside, listening to them argue inside and feeling a not insignificant amount of blood leave his body, he wondered idly what might have happened if he had stayed in bed, would it have been better or would his house have just burnt down. Then as the paramedic slipped in the blood and kicked him in the face, he decided that his house would have burnt down and that the best thing to do now would be to black out from blood loss and pain.  … Which he did.

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