Premonition By D.I. Jolly

Jack sat in the van looking pensive and staring out the window. He knew the plan, they all did, they’d been over it time and time again and he was running through it again when Josh grabbed him by the arm and smiled his famous smile.

“Hey man relax, this is going to be easy, like taking candy from a corporate baby.”

Josh’s brother Michael grunted from the driver’s seat.

“Don’t jinx it!. Let’s get in and get it done. Remember we just get through the next few hours no matter what, and then we are set for life.”

There was a moment of silence as they all calmed their minds and brought their thoughts in line before pulling the ski masks down, opening the doors and running into the bank. Michael quickly put a few shots into the ceiling and yelled.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is a robbery so get down or die.”

The lone security guard reached for his gun and got a chest full of buckshot. It knocked him to the ground and left a fine red mist where he had been standing. The three men moved quickly and with purpose, rounding up the hostages into the manager’s office and barricading the door. The plan was simple, make it seem like they wanted to negotiate while actually escaping into the unused tunnel under the bank. Once the building was secured, they filled their bags and set up communications with the arriving police. Michael took his position upfront as lead negotiator while Josh and Jack waited with the hostages, all the while Jack still felt, off, like he’d woken up on the wrong side of the bed. He turned to his friend with intention of voicing his worry just in time to see one of the hostages rise moving faster than he’d ever seen anyone move. Before he could think the man pulled a knife through Josh’s neck spraying blood across the room. Then with another swift motion, he removed his friend’s head from his body. Jack locked eyes with the man who looked… bored. He then he pulled the gun from Josh’s hands and fired three rounds into Jacks’ stomach, knocking him back and to the ground. Confused and unsure what was going on he barely recognised Michael as he burst through the door gun in hand. The man casually tossed the head at him and Michael dropped his gun to catch it, only to realise that it had belonged to his brother. He stared into its blank eyes and never saw the bullet that hit him just under his right eye spreading his brains across the door and wall. But Jack did, and blinked more confused tears out of his eyes. The man moved calmly back to where he had been seated and kneel down to wait patiently for the police to arrive. Jack’s mind grew blurry and he was unsure of what had gone wrong but was sure something had. And that somehow, he had known it would.

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