How Marco Died By D.I. Jolly

The conversation of how Marco died is fairly common around here, and depending on who you ask you’ll almost always get a different answer. Originally, we all just thought he left without saying goodbye, but then one day a body turned up and the police were only 99% sure it was him. In that 1% though, the mystery was born.

Everyone likes to have their own theories and ideas of what really happened to him, and if you sit long enough you’ll hear the same arguments again and again. Now at the start of the night, his ex-roommate will tell you that he was playing Pokemon go and walked into traffic. But as the night goes on he’ll start telling dark tails about his ex-lady friends. Mrs Rabbit, on the other hand, loves to believe it was something sexual, normally writing it off as some masturbation related accident. Tripping down some stairs with his trousers around his ankles is her favourite. The foreigner behind his favourite bar seems to think he’s still alive but simply left, but he also doesn’t like talking about it.

The saddest story is from our local dealer and friend who still carries the guilt of believing he sold him something bad that did him in, he’s never really recovered.

The truth, however, is always something both more and less fantastic. In reality, he did leave without saying goodbye. He had spent months trying to uncover a particularly interesting story for his journalism blog and he was starting to find some serious stuff. Then some strange things started happening that got his nerves up and he ran for it. In hiding, he kept digging determined to get to the bottom of his story. When the story broke he was so stressed out that he stole a body for the mortuary, paid a stung out disgraced doctor to make it look like him and left the body to be found before continuing to run. If you could look into his mind you would have seen that it was done to protect his friends, scared that if They knew who he was but couldn’t find him, that They might go after the people he loved. So on the day the body was found, Marco died, and a young slightly paranoid man named Jeff was born.

Saddly though, no one was actually after him, as at a key point in his investigated he had made a very incorrect assumption and the people that might have cared simply let him be wrong and moved on with their lives.

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