Hippies By D.I. Jolly

“And this just in, a police operation to disarm a bomb was interrupted today by protesters, let’s go down to Bob, who’s at the scene.”

“Thanks Sally, as you can see behind me the protesters have surrounded the bomb and bomb disposal droid, claiming that forcing a robot to kill its fellow machine is barbaric and inhuman. The police negotiator has been very carefully trying to explain that neither the bomb nor droid is autonomous.”

“So tell us, Bob, why haven’t the police simply removed the protester or in fact simply continued with their operation.”

“Unfortunately they can’t since the protesters are within the blast radius so should the worst happen it’s likely they’d be savourily injured or possibly killed, a risk the police are not willing to take.”

“Oh my, and what are the protesters demands at this time?”

“For the two devices to be able to live free and happy without corporate interference and for the police droid to be released from the bounds of its oppressive Slave masters.”

“Bob it looks like theirs it some activity behind you!”

“Oh dear Lord, it looks like one of the protesters has made a break for the bomb and appears to be hugging… oh, oh my God. Ummm… well, it looks like the protester has set off the device but also shielded most of the blast. I’m afraid what should have been a simple police operation has turned into quite a mess down here.”

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