For She is Chaos By D.I. Jolly

He’d spotted her from across the bar and knew instantly that she was his girl for the night. He had a way of spotting them, eager but cautious, open-minded enough to go home with you but conservative enough that didn’t happen every day. Enough of a challenge to be fun, and easy enough to not have to worry.

“I know what you’re thinking.” He said as he slipped the last of his martini down his throat. “Does he come here often? The answer is no.”

Lilly cocked an eyebrow at him and let out a breath in disbelief as he stood smiling triumphantly.

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me?”

“What? It’s cheesy sure, but who doesn’t love a new take on an old classic.”

Lilly laughed a little more honestly than she meant to but manage to maintain her tone.

“You don’t actually expect it to work, do you?”

His smile grew a little wider and his eyes seemed to sparkle.

“That all depends on expectation. Did I think it would make you fall head over heels?”

He said waving his hands dramatical, which drew another genuine smile.

“No, but here we are talking and that, in my books, is a win.”

Lilly felt her back stiffen as she suddenly took stock of her situation and realised that he was right. His dumb line had lowered her guard just enough to get the conversation started.

“I think I hate you.”

He chuckled to himself.

“I get that a lot, but let me make it up to you. Can I buy you a drink?”

Unconsciously she brushed some perfectly secured hair behind her ear and said with a confident-looking smile.

“Oh, I think you owe me that much at least.”

“And maybe one more after I’m sure.”

He signalled for the barman and took up the stool next to her without asking permission. They ordered and he turned his full focus on her, which made her blush. Something about him tickled her, but she wasn’t sure what. He was obviously handsome and charming, but in a polished, practised way. Which would normally make her cautious, but this something meant he’d passed her defences, and as the conversation played out she found herself flirting, laughing, and genuinely having a good time. So much so that he noticed before she did that her hand was on his knee, and being the charming bastard that he was, he delighted in pointing it out just to make her blush. Then he caught it just before she could pull it away which made her almost audibly moan.

“So, is this what you do? You come to bars and find women on their own and charm them.”

He picked the olive out of his glass, popped it into his mouth and said the first truly honest thing he’d said all evening.


Lilly let out another little charmed laugh and playfully slapped the back of his hand.

“Alright then, if that’s true what’s your big finish? I mean you came in all smooth and charming, slipping passed convention with your reversed pick up line. Which, well done. Now I want to know, what’s the exit line?”

She had already made the decision to follow him home, they both knew it, but they were both having fun. But still, he took in a breath, smiled a smile that could have floored her from two rooms away and said.

“In the darker, shallower parts of my mind, I’ve always believed I was looking for the perfect 10. Now I know that I’ve actually been looking for you. My perfect 10.”

Blood rushed to Lilly’s face and it took her a moment before she could speak without fear of stuttering.

“That might be the cheesiest thing I’ve ever heard.”

He smiled and leaned in a little closer and whispered.

“Did it work?”

Lilly bit her bottom lip and took in his presents, his scent and letting the sound of his voice wash over her as the darkest and purest part of her soul turned to the being of infinite darkness which stood next to her and said.

“Oh my, oh my, he’s perfect. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say I was speaking to you up there.”

The being turned his ghost-white eyes towards her but remained focused on nothing, his voice an echo, and pressure that filled the mind.

“I think I made him by mistake, in a dream so vivid I brought him to life. When I woke, he was there and I hate him, but he’s yours, I made him for you.”

The darkest formed into almost a hand and gently stroked down her cheek then wrapped around her throat. The eyes that were white before burst into blood red flames and burnt her skin as they focused on her.

“Do with him what you will, he is yours. But when you are done, if you love me, you will destroy him.”

Her own dark tendrils riled up and wrapped around his arm and she pulled herself free.

“Of course, my love.”

She then turned her soul’s attention back to her body, herself back into Lilly and with a new smile whispered.


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