Flowers 2 By D. I. Jolly

Sitting on the train watching the graffiti ballerina dance from building to building, Jack couldn’t help but feel like he was the last talentless man floating in the sea of the extraordinary.

In his mind, while he was at home masturbating and watching tv, everyone else was fucking and creating masterpieces. Blazing new trails into the new world while he sat at home living out the last days of the old one.

For a long time, the idea bothered him, being the last unremarkable man on earth. But the more isolated he felt, the more a different idea began to dawn on him. If everyone else was special if everyone else was innovating and changing the world. Creating art, science, new methods of medicine, if everyone else was the most interesting person in the world, then he was not only the last unremarkable man, he was also the last unique man alive. The last little yellow flower in a sea of bright brilliant roses.

So, as the dancer leapt from wall to wall, spinning and twirling in the most beautiful street-side performance he’d ever seen, he smiled, knowing that while he wasn’t going to change the world, he might be the only one taking the time to watch it change.

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