Disaster Adjacent by D.I. Jolly

As he entered the pharmacy Henry spotted possibly the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. From the soles of her black strappy high heels, up her long dark denim legs to her perfect arse, her soft-looking knit sweater covering perky breasts that he could tell weren’t being supported by a bra. All the way to her distinct black bob, milk-like skin and sparkling blue eyes, everything about her radiated beauty. She was, in his opinion, simply perfect. And though he tried not to stare he mostly failed. Standing in line behind her he for the first time since moving wished he understood more French so that he could learn more about her, understand the words coming from her sweet lips and perhaps start up a conversation. As he stood there, he imagined that she was there getting hay fever medication too, and then they could have something in common. His mind quickly ran away with him until a low bored voice said,


Breaking the spell and bringing him back down to earth. Taken by surprise he blinked at the person behind the counter and desperately tried to remember how to say antihistamines in French, while the love of his life slipped off out of the door to work, where she’d rush to the bathroom and quickly take the morning-after pill she’d just bought. Then spend the rest of the day trying to not make eye contact with either her boss, or his wife.

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