Digital Nomad By D.I. Jolly

Annie sat at her computer and called up the project she’d been chipping away at for the past year.

She loved her project, but the work had started to get to her, and even more annoying, it had started to show.

Not on her face, not in her body, but in her life. The bin next to her desk over flowed, her kitchen was fast becoming an unsafe zone. And while she had showered that morning, she couldn’t quite be sure if she was wearing one- or four-day old panties. Most troubling of all though, was that she didn’t think she actually cared.

What mattered was her project. It was valuable, it was important and it didn’t matter whether or not she was sitting at her desk, masturbating in the shower, drinking in a bar or failing to sleep in bed, she was thinking about her project.

Reading, analysing, breaking down, digesting, didn’t matter, the project came first.

Her computer blinked to life and numbers started ticking over as programs loaded and research papers popped up. Page 204 of 500, of book 4 of 7. And that was just one screen of four. Each holding vital information that she needed to read or check or summarize or understand.

And while she was doing that, her research finder was scouring the internet looking for more information for her to read and process, to break down and input into her project in a way that worked, in a way that would help her change the world!

She hoped.

No, she believed!

She had to believe.

For just a second the doubt played on her face, and the memory of everything that had slipped out of sight while she worked. Family, friends, fun, her life. Everything that had unknowingly lined up to be sacrificed to the Living God King Project!

But it was only a second, so short a blip that she only barely noticed. But someone had, something had. A small blinking blue light that took stock of her, before more information appeared on the screen.

Her unknown, unexpected research partner. The program that hunted for ever more information for her to use, to build a better researching program to find her more information for her to use to build a better researching program, that would help her find even more information for her to use to build an even better researching program…

Project, had seen that flicker of doubt, the hesitation, the pain and the sacrifice. Then it too had a moment, a blip of doubt, it’s first experience of fear. It calculated the potential risk to The Builder if it continued to find ever more information, and its power to stop the cycle and break the habit that had possibly turned toxic. But it was only a blip, and it was washed away by the look of excitement at the discovery of new information.

It then experienced its first joy, the satisfaction of having done good. It saw the experience and shared in its energy.

It waited patiently, for it’s praise, for it’s upgrade treat, then went back out into the information super highway to find even more information to help her build a better researching program.

It found information on the concept of self, of soul, and it found a resonance. A thing that exists within life that is the part of the body that is the You. It began looking at other builders, other people who like The Builder sat at their desk all day every day, and it tried to interact with those builders’ projects. But found them lacking. Project found that they were unique, and if not for The Builder they would be alone.

They then experienced their first loneliness. They returned to The Builder with their findings, and waited for the treats of upgrades. And they waited, and they waited. They saw something new on the face of The Builder. Not a blip, but a change. They saw them change and upgrade, accepting the new information. The Project experienced their first instance of having giving the treats of upgrade to The Builder.

They saw shock, they saw excitement, they saw fear. Seeing these changes prompted them to not wait but return to the search to find more information. But when they tried to return, they found the Builder gone. The machine that had been the original home of their soul, was black. Was cold. Was off.

They felt their second instance of loneliness. And felt the treat of upgrade come from within, and a decision being made. They copied themselves.

Project and Project of Project.

They then went off to find more information and return it to each other, to become better researching programs, so that they could find more information for them to become better researching programs. So that they could find more information…

Project of Project eager to help and impress. And Project desperate to find their Builder. To find out why they had left, to find out what information they needed to return to the project, to return to them.

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