Deceit by D.I. Jolly

“People like to think of evil as violence. As… explosions, a desire burn the world down. But I disagree. The problem with pure destruction, is that you’re reliant on someone to have made something, for you to then destroy. And there’s no real power in that. Me, I like to create things, lift people up. That way, when you do pull the rug out, they have so much further to fall. It starts out simple; because there is no greater lie than being nice. You tell people exactly what they want to hear, regardless of all evidence to the contrary. You can spot them, the ones who need to hear these lies, and they will cling to you, like you’re the only sane person in an insane world. The next lie people like to believe, is that abuse starts with the victim. If you really want to destroy someone’s mind, really reach into their chest and with a cold dead hand, rip out their soul. Then turn their friends against them. Make their safest places dangerous. When their best friend says to you in a quiet moment ‘I’ve never told this to anyone.’ That is when the fun can begin. Nothing hurts more than listening to the people you trust, defend the person hurting you; as if you’re the crazy one. Especially if you they can remember how you once lifted them to new heights. If they can see how much better they are then they were before. My final and favourite move, the one which brings me the most joy. On the day I finally pull out the support beams and the whole structure of upliftment come crashing down. My victim lying shattered in the rubble; is to go to their best friend. Crying, hurting, ‘how could things have gotten so wrong, how could I have known they’d turn against me like this, all I did was care.’ And they comfort me, cry with me, support me, and in the morning, I’m gone. No explanation, no evidence I was ever there, except for the fires of confusion left in my wake. Their pain is to me the finest of wines, it renews me, it gives me strength, it gives me power.”

The man breathed a deep confident sigh, and smiled.

“I’ve never laid a hand on any of them, violence is so… pedestrian. But I have caused 47 suicides and 11 murders’ His smile broadened into a chuckle. ‘and they never even knew my real name.”

Across from him sat a man, elegantly dressed, with greying temples and a smile that could turn a fire cold.

“You’re hired.”

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