Chemical Industry By D.I. Jolly (Part 1 of 3)

“Morning Dr Roberts.”

Genevieve stopped for a moment to stare at her counterpart who rubbed his eyes and turned to face her.

“Are those the same clothes as yesterday?”

“I’m so glad you’re here, I’ve had an epiphany.”

“Oh, ok?”

She took up her normal morning seat and handed her friend the coffee she brought in.

“Tell me more?”

“The spectrum of humanity and their abilities is so vast from one to the next, yet we are also basically the same. You and I are smart, others are strong, some are stupid some are weak, but we’re also the same. Just after you left last night I was reading a study done in the 60s where they used LSD to open people’s minds to new possibilities, and how it led to people taking low doses over long periods of time to help them achieve new heights and inspiration. What if it was possible to create a compound that could open your mind and build your strength, to unlock humanity’s true potential?”

She continued to stare for a moment, digesting everything she’d just heard.

“I’d probably say Dr Jekyll beat you to it? I mean, what you’re talking about is a serum that turns people into well… super people or I don’t even know the word for it. Where would you even start?”

“LSD and steroids, coupled with mood stabilisers and some form of stimulant. My prototype uses adrenaline.”

“Your what?”

“That’s why I’ve been here all night, that’s what I was working on. When the idea hit me I had to do something about it. I’m running a simulation now.”

Dr Roberts rolled his chair so that she could see his computer monitor and she rushed forward to start checking the incoming data.

“This is, this is incredible. You put this together in a single night?”

“A fair amount of adjacent studies have been done so I had a good jumping off point, I also found that if you mix the right kind of omega oils and hallucinogenic you can very easily build a fairly good mental stimulant to boost brain activity, after that the rest of the formula just came to me.”

Genevieve stepped back and looked at him again, but this time with a clinical eye.

“This is your blood being analysed, you spent the night building a superhuman formula and tested it on yourself?”

“It’s not as bad as it sounds, already I can feel my muscles strengthen and I’ve never felt so in control of my body and mind. I truly feel like they’re becoming one.”

“But, but…”

Dr Roberts stood and walked towards her, hoping to comfort his friend but she instinctively moved back.

“What happened between last night and now that you’ve gone from a cautious scientist to injecting random chemicals?”

“You don’t have to be afraid of me, I promise this is the future, once these tests are complete and we run a few more we can present our findings and change the world. We can create a utopia where everyone is the same. We can eradicate weakness and stupidity. Think of it, if everyone is as open-minded and enlightened as we are, there will be no war, no more poverty or greed. When we’re all the same.”

“As we are?”

“Well obviously there will need to be follow up tests done, and for that, we will need a new test subject.”

Dr Roberts pulled a small syringe from his pocket.

“Don’t worry I’ve already taken into account the different chemical make up between men and women. In a few hours time, you’ll be able to see the world as I now do, and you’ll understand.”

Genevieve raised her hands and quickly started moving backwards.

“Wait, what are you doing?”

“You’ve seen the findings, you’ve seen that it’s working. We need to get this done now before anyone realises the chemicals are missing and tries to shut us down.”

A cold shiver erupted from the base of her neck and ran over her whole body, freezing her in place for just long enough for Dr Roberts’ hand to flick forward throwing the syringe like a dart across the room and into her chest. As the chemical started spreading through her system she became aware of a faint metallic taste in the back of her mouth and for a moment her vision took on a yellow tint.


“I’m sorry I had to do it that way, but I promise in a few hours, you’ll understand.”

Genevieve slowly sank to the grown as wave after wave of shiver pulsed over her body in time to the walls and lights that seemed to have come alive.

“But, what if you got it wrong?”

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