Bollywood Horror Story by D.I. Jolly

James sat in his office staring blankly at the screen, trying desperately to will himself to think. After three weeks of late nights and seemingly no progress the idea of the drugs flatmate had given him was becoming irresistible, and he opened the drawer and looked at them for the fifth time that night, he could hear his friends voice.

“Find somewhere soft and warm, take a couple and enjoy the ride.”

When the coffee had run out he knew there was only one thing left to do. He took himself home, curled up in bed, dropped a couple tabs of his friend’s new mystery drug, and tried to just let go.

At first, nothing really happened, then suddenly the whole world burst to life. His bedroom turned into a magnificent garden full of blossoming trees and colourful flowers. People started dancing in from all directions singing and charting and before he knew it he was singing a duet with the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. As the singing and dancing continued the story seemed to grow and change, some songs were faster and brighter some were a bit darker and more dramatic, but always with dancing and always driven by a low background chanting, just outside of ear shot. After a particularly energetic dance number, James finally got his arms around the girl and they embraced in a kiss as all onlookers gasped in delight and for the first time the whole trip went quiet, except for the chanting. Transforming from a background murmur to a haunting whisper.

“You can never leave, you can never leave, you can never leave.”

Quickly he pulled away and realised everyone around him, was whisper the chant. The colour disappeared from the world and even the woman in his arms was whispering. He pushed at her but found himself trapped, and panic gripped him, like a hand of ice around his heart, but he fought, pushing and pulling, kicking and punching, desperate to break free. Then as more hands gripped him and pulled him down still whispering.

“You can never leave.”

A scream that had been rattled around his mind finally escaped and he screamed, and he screamed and they whispered,

“You can never leave.”

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