Who does he think he is? Philip K. Dick?Counting Sheep & Other Stories. A Sci-Fi Thriller set in a world where Sleep can be stored in batteries and used when needed, and a small collection of other short stories.

Dr. Matthew Clayton is dead. The co-creator of the revolutionary technology, the Sleep-Battery, was discovered unresponsive in his office at the Rest corporation headquarters from an apparent suicide. It is difficult to understate the profound impact Dr. Clayton’s work has had on daily life- where some people sleep for a living enabling others to constantly stay awake. A Rest corporation spokesman has issued a statement mourning the loss of Dr. Clayton, and assuring users that the sleep banking technology had nothing to do with his death.

Will this fuel fresh criticism from the numerous opponents and conspiracy theorists? What did Dr.Clayton discover that drove him to take his own life? and is the Rest corporation hiding something from us?

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