Cyber Bullying By D.I. Jolly

If it isn’t funny, is it still a joke?

If you cannot feel it, is it still a poke?

I won’t like that,

But I like that.

And if you disagree with me,

You’re a that other side pussy.

Leftist, rightist, Armchair philanthropist,

An, I’ll give you a thumbs up while putting you down, ist.

I’m outraged at your outrage and my mediocre discomfort.

My first world problems matter too! Hashtag.

So come at me bro, I can type like lightning,

Yeah! I’ll bring up old tweets, what you gonna do?

I’ll school you six ways from Sunday son!

You won’t know which way is up when I’m done!

So welcome to the internet!

Where we’re All Right, and you are wrong!

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