Bauhaus By D.I. Jolly

“Excuse me ma’am do you need help with anything?”

Martha turned to look at the man. If he was younger than her it wasn’t by much and he was handsome in a boyish way, which made her smile.

“Oh no, I’m not ready to be ma’am just yet. But I could use some help.”

The man blushed a little but smiled.


She laughed,


“So how can I help?”

“Well I’m going to be doing some serious redecorating at home, and really what I need is something to help clean up. Like for a wall I want to take down.”

The man thought for a second,

“You’re definitely going to need a tarp to cover the floor with, and what you can do is once you’ve taken down the wall just wrap it up and throw the whole thing away. You might need some help moving it though, so I don’t know maybe you could ask a friend or… boy…friend? To help you.”

Her smile returned and she raised her eyebrows in an ‘oh really’ gesture.

“Well I don’t have one of those, but maybe I’ll be able to find someone along the way.”

He blushed realising that he wasn’t being as subtle as he hoped and she giggled then gently touched his shoulder.

“But I do like the idea, now am I allowed to bury that sort of thing or do I have to take it to a dump?”

The touch sent a little spark through him and he smiled.

“If you want to bury it, it’s better to tip the rubble out, so that you’re not putting a massive sheet of plastic into the ground. Also, if you want to vent a little frustration you can smash up the bits of the wall before you cover it back over.”

“I like that idea too, not just a pretty face with you huh? Now you’re obviously going to help me pick all this stuff out?”

She blinked her eyelashes at him in an obvious and cartoony way, and he laughed.

“But of course, ma… ms.”

With that, he gently rested a hand on her arms and ushered her towards the right aisle. As they went through the store they continued to playfully flirt and smile at each other. Him staying extra formal and her delighting in trying to make him blush. He escorted her to the checkout line and in a final moment of charm scanned his employee card to give her a discount. She seemed to float the whole way home, high on successful flirting with a cute stranger. When she got there, she followed his instructions and first dug a massive hole in the far corner of her garden, then went back into the house to load her dead husband into the tarp, along, sadly, with her favourite kitchen knife. Once the sun had gone down she moved him into the hole, covered it over and sprinkled some grass seed before heading back inside to open a bottle of champagne and toasted to a day well spent.

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