Alternative History By D.I. Jolly

On the 8th day, God looked down at his world and saw what had become of it and he wept. His tears caused a flood unlike any other. It washed away the world that man had tried to create on top of the world they were given and few survived. But those that did began again, renewed.

On the 9th day, God saw the strength of man’s spirit and his tears stopped and the sun came out again.

On the 10th day, God realised that man had not learned from its past and was walking back down the path to oblivion.  When they had fire, they build bigger fires, when they had food they ate until they were fat, when they had power they used it to take more power. Disappointed in his creation and in himself he saw the flaw that he’d implanted, the mistake he’d made. In creating man in his image, he had given them the potential for Godhood, but creating them out of flesh made them limited and that paradox caused conflicted which caused selfishness, greed and the unquenchable thirst.

On the 11th day, God sat and reflected, he watched his creations closely and saw the truth of himself reflected in them and it led to a personal understanding he’d previously not achieved and it made him smile. He was proud of his mistake for teaching him a truth he could not have seen without them.

On the 12th day, God waved his hand and turned humanity from flesh into light, and they all become one with each other and God.

Not one person excluded, not one left behind or ignored. All perfect, all part of the lesson, all a collection of experiences and understandings that came together to make the brightness of the infinite a bit brighter.

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