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A Guy, a Girl and a Voodoo Monkey Hand

D. I. Jolly - What a dick!

Good morning, I am D.I. Jolly

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was seven years old. I had found a fictional character in a video game who was a writer and I wanted to be him (Gabriel Knight). I didn’t actually start writing things down right away, but I always had a whole different world in my head I would spend a lot of time in. I’ve never been much of a sleeper so I used to say that I’d tell myself bedtime stories until I fell asleep.

As I got older I started to write these stories out but always found I’d lose the plot and couldn’t finish anything, until ‘A Guy, A Girl and A Voodoo Monkey Hand’, which started as a joke e-mail to a friend.

Finishing that story was a revelation, I finally felt justified to really start concentrating on my writing and started writing short stories, poems (terrible poems) and setting about on the next novel. Since then I have always been writing something, and I never want to stop.

One day someone will find me lying dead on my keyboard. If that happens, start looking for the killer, I’m not the type to top myself.